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  • What are fire rated curtains?
    One of the first steps in responding to a fire is ensuring that it is contained. Fire curtains are devices that are deployed when smoke is detected in order to restrict fire from spreading to other areas of the building. The purpose of fire curtains is to keep people safe as they evacuate the building, while reducing the potential area of damage caused by the fire.
  • Are curtains fire retardant?
    Not all curtains are fire retardant. There are rules and regulations in the U.S. that require public properties to have fire retardant curtains, and many manufacturers develop them in compliance. You are also able to treat your existing curtains so that they have fire retardant characteristics.
  • What are the advantages of elevator smoke curtains?
    Elevator shafts can be a conduit to smoke that is produced from a fire, affecting other levels of the building. Elevator smoke curtains are designed to be deployed when smoke is detected, preventing the spread of smoke so that people can evacuate safely if disaster strikes.
  • What are fire protection services?
    Fire protection services are designed to ensure that risk is minimized if a fire breaks out in your building. These include aspects such as the installation, maintenance, repair, and replacement of fire safety systems such as fire curtains, alarms, extinguishers, sprinkler systems and more. It is crucial that you maintain the safety and functionality of your fire protection systems to remain compliant with local, state and federal laws.
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