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Safety and service are what Vanguard Smoke and Fire Curtains is all about. It is critical that our systems are compliant to fire and building safety codes – and that they are operating properly and at maximum capacity at all times.

At Vanguard Smoke and Fire Curtains, we aim to deliver the best products and top-grade services with all BLE Systems. We offer a full range of services ranging from preventative maintenance, smoke and fire curtain and parts replacement, current or expired warranty maintenance, and compliance testing and reporting. Our goal is for our team of experienced experts to ensure 100% complete satisfaction from our customers by delivering white-glove services matched by no other smoke and fire curtain installer in California.

Preventative Service Maintenance
Smoke or Fire Curtain Replacement
Equipment Maintenance

Preventative Service Maintenance

An annual service agreement is offered by Vanguard Smoke and Fire Curtains to building owners, property management, and building facilities management. As part of our Preventative Service Maintenance, Vanguard will carefully inspect and verify the overall operations of each BLE system to ensure that it is well maintained for safety and code compliance.

Elevator Doors

Smoke or Fire Curtain Replacement

Vanguard Smoke and Fire Curtains is a full-service company offering the complete replacement or repair of your existing BLE smoke or fire curtain system. A thorough assessment and visual inspection of your smoke or fire curtain will be performed and tested prior to any curtain replacements.

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Parts Replacement

We offer a wide array of original and top-quality replacement parts and components for your existing BLE systems and will install these replacements by Vanguard’s factory trained service team member per the manufacturer guidelines. 

Maintenance Agreement

Current or Expired Warranty Maintenance

We offer current or expired warranty maintenance through a complete service agreement. Our maintenance agreement will ensure a well-maintained system by Vanguard’s factory trained service team member and meets per the manufacturer’s guidelines.

Parts Replacement
Expired Warranty Maintenance
Fire Testing per NFPA 80 & NFPA 105
Fire Alarm with Smoke Detector

Compliance with Fire Testing per NFPA 80 & NFPA 105


Construction Site

Compliance with ICC-ES Evaluation Report

Compliance with ICC Evaluation Report

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