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First-to-Market Certified ResQ™ Smoke/Fire Curtain Window from BLE

Updated: Apr 30, 2021

Firefighter looking through ResQ Window

When smoke/fire safety curtains are deployed in the event of a fire, the compartmentation they create helps to reduce the spread of fire throughout the building. While this gives the fire service a much greater chance of tackling the fire in a shorter timeframe, first responders are often faced with dangerous circumstances.

Without the ability to see what is behind the curtain, first responders are forced to walk into unknown conditions, which can be dangerous or even fatal.

BLE saw an opportunity to improve the safety of first responders by launching the industry's first UL certified, translucent, flexible, composite vision panel. This vision panel creates the ability to see through the curtains after deployment allowing building occupants and first responders to evacuate and extinguish the fire both safer and faster.

Fitted into any standard BLE smoke or fire-rated curtain, the ResQ-WINDOW™ vision panel creates safer circumstances for first responders. In the event of a fire, visual confirmation of the fire’s location allows for safe passage onto the other side of the curtain.

Managing Director of BLE, Nigel Ward, tells us "The ResQ-WINDOW™ is an important addition to our range that allows us to enhance the safety solution offered by our existing fire curtains. The simple see-through window does not only assist the fire services but also saves the lives of building occupants, helping to reduce evacuation times and find safe routes to escape the building."

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