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Introducing the first UL fire rated vision panel in the industry – allowing first responders to see through the fire curtains for safer and faster evacuation and extinguishing of any fires.


Smoke Curtains

  • BLE SC60™ 

    The most celebrated and prominent buildings from around the globe are protected with the BLE

     SC60™  Smoke Curtain.

  • Smoke Curtain-BLE SC180.jpg

    BLE SC180™ 

    Designed and constructed to fit just about all shapes and sizes, the BLE SC180™  Smoke Curtain is designed to protect any construction project where the smoke & fire barrier rests in a permanent position.

Fire Curtains

  • BLE ResQ-Window™

    The leading-edge fire rated vision panel allows first responders and building occupants to see through the deployed fire curtains a, making evacuation and fire extinguishing faster and safer.

  • Elevator - LR.jpg

    BLE FC60™

    This BLE FC60™ smoke & fire rated curtain is the most favored, trusted, and cost-efficient solution for smaller sized openings.

  • BLE FC180™

    High performance with the most reliability. The FC180™ is BLE’s best performing and superior fire curtain that is tested to withstand severe fire conditions.

  • Vanguard_HC1_Horizontal_Fire_Curtains_BL

    BLE HC180™

    It can be a challenge to meet fire regulations on multi-story buildings without compromising the design. For complicated building structures, the solution is the Horizontal HC180™ fire curtain from BLE.

  • Vanguard_Accordion_AC1_Fire_Curtains_BLE

    BLE AC180™

    When it comes to large buildings with vast open spaces, the BLE Accordion AC180™ Fire Curtain is the quintessential solution for instances where there appear to be no structural columns or posts to fit side guides at corners.


Vanguard Smoke and Fire Curtains Preventative Service Maintenance

Preventative Service Maintenance

An annual service agreement is offered by Vanguard Smoke and Fire Curtains to building owners, property management, and building facilities management.

Smoke or Fire Curtain Replacement

Vanguard Smoke and Fire Curtains is a full-service company offering the complete replacement or repair of your existing smoke or fire curtain systems.

Parts Replacement

We offer a wide array of original and top-quality replacement parts and components for your existing BLE systems and will install these replacements by Vanguard’s factory trained service team member per the manufacturer guidelines. 

Current or Expired Warranty Maintenance

We offer current or expired warranty maintenance through a complete service agreement. Our agreement will ensure a well-maintained system by factory trained service team members while meeting the manufacturer’s guidelines.

Compliance with Fire Testing per NFPA 80 & NFPA 105

Compliance with ICC-ES Evaluation Report




Contact Us

For any product or service information, inquiries or to obtain a quote, use the contact form to reach a Vanguard Smoke and Fire Curtains representative.

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